Computer als Storyteller?

Hammond was recently asked for his reaction to a prediction that a computer would win a Pulitzer Prize within 20 years. He disagreed. It would happen, he said, in five. (…)
Maybe at some point, humans and algorithms will collaborate, with each partner playing to its strength. Computers, with their flawless memories and ability to access data, might act as legmen to human writers. Or vice versa, human reporters might interview subjects and pick up stray details—and then send them to a computer that writes it all up. As the computers get more accomplished and have access to more and more data, their limitations as storytellers will fall away. It might take a while, but eventually even a story like this one could be produced without, well, me.
Steven Levy: Can an Algorithm Write a Better News Story Than a Human Reporter? Wired, April 24, 2012


Was meint ihr? Wird ein Computer in 5 Jahren den Pulitzer Preis gewinnen können?

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Natürlich nicht. Nee, ist mir schon klar, dass Sie das rein rhetorisch fragen … Aber die dpa-Journalisten wird er vielleicht schon ersetzen können. Also doch wieder ein Argument für die Roboterpauschale?